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Until the babysitter turned up at 1830, we'd completely forgotten that we'd arranged to go out to a recording of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue at the Mayflower this evening. Now we're in the post-Humph era, the Beeb has decided to continue the programme with a rota of guest chairs (a la HIGNFY) - ours tonight was Jack Dee.

How did it go? Too early to tell, I think. Dee is good, but he isn't Humph (and his pacing and delivery in the first half - the first of the two episodes being recorded - made it clear that he was pretty nervous). We'd only been to one recording before (in Bath, probably around 2000), and the pace of this recording was noticeably slower; they'll have to edit this down to fit in the broadcast slot. All the old favourites were there, but they didn't always ring true. For example, the Mornington Crescent round fell a bit flat (partly because they reused a gag - the MC computer), and I suspect that it would have been shorter under Humph. Not quite paint-by-numbers (or the set list at a Steeleye Span concert), but relatively predictable.

That said, it was generally good, even if it wasn't as painfully funny as the previous recording I saw. I'm looking forward to the series being broadcast, mainly because I want to see what the other guest chairs make of it; post-Deayton HIGNFY didn't immediately gel, and my feeling is that ISIHAC will be much the same.

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Gosh, a nervous Jack Dee? Although following in Humph's buttock-imprint must be pretty damn terrifying.

Humph was a legend and the show worked well with him at the helm.

It's their own fault for not asking me ...

Quite clearly, though whether Radio 4 listeners are ready for the likes of Ken MacLeod as panellists is anyone's guess.

(Chris Priest is another matter, of course)

(Deleted comment)
Standing at the very back of the balcony, so at least 15m above your head.

I didn't realise they were going to keep doing ISIHAC. In my opinion it's sort of a shame, the show was brilliant in the half-arsed way that I associate with Auntie's best material. I don't know that a rota will come close to that.

Just A Minute (the other thing I record from the "radio" and listen to on trains) could start over after the bomb with all new people and hardly miss a beat, it's the premise that works. But the premise for ISIHAC is ludicrous, it can't survive on that alone. HIGNFY very quickly became about the team captains. Ian explains some sordid detail about a quango, then Paul pretends to have misheard it as "mango". Next item. Does anyone here remember anything about the series they did without Paul Merton?

I will listen to the new series of ISIHAC because my shell scripts will inevitably record it based on the title alone, but it will be on probation.

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