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Happy 1234567890!
For the UNIX Epoch geeks amongst us.

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I asked my father what this means.

He said "OMG, that was /today/? I missed it!"

You're all way sadder than me.

I remember celebrating 666,666,666 this very weekend in 1991. It fell very late on a Friday night, and there were parties.

I think the next time_t that you could plausibly argue is a round or otherwise ‘magic’ number is 0x50000000. And here's a curious coincidence:

chymax$ perl -le'print scalar localtime 1234567890'
Fri Feb 13 23:31:30 2009
chymax$ perl -le'print scalar localtime 0x50000000'
Fri Jul 13 12:01:20 2012

And so it came pass, the date of the Apocalypse was known to man.

Also there were several seconds during which you could choose to celebrate depending on what you consider happens to Unix time during leap seconds.

It's a tough call, on the one hand monotonic time is very nice, and on the other hand my neighbours (in the most general sense) seem quite attached to the civil day and its ties to our planet's unsteady whirling.

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