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More Conversations with the Garklet

Now with explanatory photographs:

Mice! Cloc bic! Crunz! Binz!

Karkul! Lionu! Ahhh! (sticks tongue out) Rar!

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He is so adorable ! But then I don't have to live with the tantrums !

Fantastic. I do love this toddler malarkey (95% of the time).

Lord, I love that age! (especially when they belong to someone else - grin)

So sweet! And so brilliantly transcribed and illustrated.

I hope you're doing audio recordings of some of this stuff.

(Deleted comment)
After today's trip into town, he can now say 'bargate'. Of course, he now thinks that Bargate is a synonym for castle, and that any part of the city's medieval fortifications are 'bargate', but it's a step in the right direction.

I'm now planning to teach him 'machicolation', 'crenellation', 'bastion', 'curtain wall', 'rampart', 'postern' and 'escarp'.

Oh he's going to be a proper little bast...ion of democracy, isn't he?

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