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Conversations with the Garklet
toddler garklet

Illustrated courtesy of the Bus Slogan Generator.

(note: "cloc bic, meece" appears courtesy of Bagpuss)

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Oh that is just lovely :)

Fab. My favourite so far!

"The Mouse Mill" is one of the all time greatest pieces of television ever!

That's "The Marvellous, Mechanical Mouse Mill" to you.

(Alex would agree with you)

Emily loved him and so do I

and the mice were wonderful too - always running rings around Pro Yaffle

I'm so glad to hear Alex

a) has great taste
b) is learning to communicate in a cute and quirky fashion

I agree, although sadly it doesn't contain the best line: "Mice, mice, unwind that foolish woodpecker!"

"Nyaf nyaf nyaf! You can't make biscuits out of breadcrumbs and butterbeans!"

(it amuses d_floorlandmine that I feel compelled to say this every time I cook with butterbeans (or eat those gorgeous Spanish roasted butterbeans - nyom!). To be fair, I don't usually make biscuits out of them.)

I'm re-reading Oliver Postgate's autobiography this week, though I have to keep stopping because it makes me cry. I mean, it always did make me cry, but it's even sadder now he's dead.

I shall have to chat more with the little lad, I think !

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