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X marks the spot
toddler garklet

It's official - the chickenpox outbreak at the university nursery has finally reached chez Gark. The lad has a crop of blisters on his neck, his back, and under his nappy. I suspect that we'll be doing some creative Garklet juggling for the next week or so. On the plus side, he's (currently) being quite cheery, so hopefully things won't be too bad.

For those with children who were at Seren's birthday party last weekend: he shouldn't have been infectious at that time, but it's worth keeping an eye out regardless.

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poor lad - at least you'll have it nicely out of the way. and keep an eye on his temperature it was after Lottie had got rid of the pox and was still run down and with crup (sp?) that she got so hot she had her fit.

we may well take you up on a visit as I would like Thea to have had it and no time is good but the next couple of weeks wouldn't be horrendous

my tip would be to get some piriton to help stop the itching - it also helps to knock them out

good luck with it


No temperature as yet (and I don't want to preemptively dose him with calpol). I've given him some piriton (we have it on hand, unsurprisingly), which should help him.

(Deleted comment)
It's still early days (total number of spots = 10ish), but he's been relentlessly cheery all day. So far we've watched My Neighbour Totoro twice (once at my instigation, once at his) and The Princess Bride (at my instigation - he found it a bit of a curate's egg).

The living room is scattered with assorted nuts in their shells, and there's the wreckage of a PBJ on one of the small tables (I don't think he's quite sold on the concept, though he was willing to entertain the notion that it might be edible).

I went down with one of those childhood illness every year for 3 years in a row, on my birthday or thereabouts, thus conveniently not missing any school. Can't remember all of them now, but Chicken pox was definitely one, and I think Mumps. What I didn't know until a few weeks ago was that my mother was very enthusiastic about making sure I had all the vaccinations because her brother (my uncle, now deceased) was damaged by Measles back when there was no vaccine. I guess I'd never really asked what was wrong with him. So from her point of view each of these childhood illnesses that I actually caught was quite scary - she hid it from me well enough at the time though.

I can't find out why the UK doesn't include Chicken Pox in the default vaccination schedule. It doesn't seem to have a non-human host so it would be a valid albeit low priority for elimination. The US and Australia vaccinate (either separately or as MMRV), so it's a bit weird.

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