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LiveJournal lays off substantial number of employees without severance (various estimates of numbers, but roughly half the thirty staff seems right - summary here).

Fortunately, there is a good choice of software for backing up your journal:

  • ljArchive (Windows only, archives entries and comments)
  • ljmigrate (needs python, archives entries, comments and userpics)
  • ljdump (needs python, archives entries and comments)
  • LJBook (produces PDF of your LJ, currently overwhelmed)
  • LiveJournal Backup (Windows only, archives entries and comments)
  • LJSM (needs perl, archives entries, comments, memories, userpics, other images)
  • jbackup (needs perl, archives entries and comments)
  • XJournal (OS X only, GUI-based, archives entries only
  • LiveJournal Export (month by month as XML, archives entries only)

This is a cybernetic datum for the public good.

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I get the reference but I refuse to help others along :)
Still a masterpiece!

Congratulations - have a gold star.

Yay! Thank you, Teacher!
Does that make my code U-for-untouchable?

Are you saying that you're unhappy with your 4GH? Tch. Some people.

Yeah, it's about as secure as chip+pin!

Boggle. The only might-be-a-reference patterns I can find in that post turn up little but this very journal entry as results. (Google indexes LiveJournal how frequently?)

"Very" - to enable their blog search and "set up an alert for this term" feature to work right. I expect they take the "all LJ all the time" RSS feed.

Young padawan, you have much to learn. I'll try and remember to bring in a copy tomorrow.

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