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LiveJournal lays off substantial number of employees without severance (various estimates of numbers, but roughly half the thirty staff seems right - summary here).

Fortunately, there is a good choice of software for backing up your journal:

  • ljArchive (Windows only, archives entries and comments)
  • ljmigrate (needs python, archives entries, comments and userpics)
  • ljdump (needs python, archives entries and comments)
  • LJBook (produces PDF of your LJ, currently overwhelmed)
  • LiveJournal Backup (Windows only, archives entries and comments)
  • LJSM (needs perl, archives entries, comments, memories, userpics, other images)
  • jbackup (needs perl, archives entries and comments)
  • XJournal (OS X only, GUI-based, archives entries only
  • LiveJournal Export (month by month as XML, archives entries only)

This is a cybernetic datum for the public good.

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I've been wanting to back up my LJ for eons.
Have you come across any reviews or have any thoughts on which one to choose? (I'm Windows).

You mean, other than this post? No, sorry.

Lots of Windows users seem to like ljArchive, but I'm a drooling Apple fanboy these days so I can't offer any comments.

logjam can do the job too.

They really ought to be able to keep LJ ticking over given that people pay real money for it. If tougher times mean they can't afford staff for new features that's not something I'll lose much sleep over given what some of those features have been in the past.

I would hope paid accounts are safe, but maybe I should run a back-up on both my accounts.

I get the reference but I refuse to help others along :)
Still a masterpiece!

Congratulations - have a gold star.

This is VERY useful. Thank you.

Glad you've found it helpful.

(Deleted comment)
LJSM backs up memories, unless I'm very much mistaken, but doesn't seem to be very well documented.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Nick, ljmigrate worked a treat :)

No problem - I like its belt-and-braces approach (XML for migrating to another service, plus human-readable HTML).

(Deleted comment)
I figure that you can always tart up the HTML at a later date.

Incidentally, if anyone (like me) wants a CSV output without having to do one month at a time, "Livejournal Backup" seems to be the only one capable of doing that.

It's Windows only, but I've just run it under WINE on Linux with no problems at all, and it'll presumably work just as well on Mac OS.

here via zvi_likes_tv

another option for mac users who, like me, are fairly incompetent with python is xjournal

it's an lj client that will also archive all your entries (but no comments) for you. go to window -> history and you can dl your entire journal.

Edited at 2009-01-07 01:47 am (UTC)

Thanks - I'll add that to the list.

Thanks for the heads up.

This is all most alarming, I use LJ because it adds to my life with little charge in return. The most immediate alternates, Myspace and Facebook are too dire to consider.

Blogging and community life are too good to give up.

Can I have an SF point for being the first person to spot the John Brunner reference? And I got it even before I read to the valediction...

Re: Please, sir...

I think that _nicolai_ might have beaten you to it...

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