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Attention London people!

Right, replacement break sorted - we're spending three nights in London instead (yes, I know that it's close to home, but it isn't hom, and there are loads of exhibitions that we want to see). Anyone interested in meeting up for coffee and/or culture? My mobile number is here.

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Flick and I are Tate members, and can each get one other person in to exhibitions for free. Want to meet at some point at Tate Modern or Tate Britain?

Bugger. Didn't have internet while we were away, so I missed this comment. Shall have to try and do something at some future date.

'fraid we'll be in Kendal.

Terribly sorry to hear about the plane fiasco... Hope you really enjoy your time in the Capital. Wear a duvet.

I approve immensely of the Trap Door icon.

I would, but... EWRONGCOUNTRY.

I'm all up for some kul-char, or some coffee, and always some cake.

the hatter

I'd like to, but I'm totally skint (get paid on Tuesday) and have loads of stuff I need to do, so I shall be staying at home over the weekend.

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