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The best laid plans

Well, we were due to be flying to Copenhagen for a city break tomorrow morning. We hadn't booked car parking at Gatwick (we'd booked flights on Sterling), so ias has just tried to book (we're chez marklesuk for a brief stop en route).

Sterling Airlines went bust last October (we booked the flights in August), and we hadn't noticed. In a word, bugger.

We're now looking at hotels for a weekend break in London (Edinburgh would have been good, but the flights are a bit too pricey at this short notice).

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Before you decide on London, a suggestion: our Berlin holiday went belly up a few years ago (fog) so we went to Bath instead as the tickets were cheap. It was blissful. Very quiet with perfect walks for crisp cold days.

Um. While Bath is a beautiful city that we dearly love, we used to live there until three years ago...

Otherwise, good suggestion.

(there are quite a few exhibitions that we want to see in London, so it's relatively fortuitous)

Ah! Hadn't realised. I lived there in the early 1990s and hadnt been back for a while.

Re exhibitions: the Darwin one at the Natural History Museum is not worth the price of entry. It's American, imported, patronising and tells you more about his family than his work. The free one at the British Library is actually rather nice.

Thanks, that's worth knowing (we were planning on taking the young lad to the NHM to see the dinosaurs, so this has saved us the expense of the special exhibition).

We're planning to do the Cold War Modern exhibition at the VAM, maybe the Rothko at the Tate Modern, ditto Babylon at the BM, and possibly the IWM as well.

There is also the Indian Highway exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery which looks very interesting (but then we are India obsessives!).

what a bugger! Not sure when you rang but do come to edin if you like . I'm back 5th but ailsa - catsitter - can let you in. Text me.

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