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New Year Honours List

Unlike the rest of my friends list, I'm not (primarily) going to be posting about Terry's knighthood (although that is nonetheless very good news).

Instead, I'm posting about Wendy Hall, my former PhD supervisor, who has been made a Dame in the New Years Honours list.

Jolly good news, and much deserved.

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Cool! (And many thanks from oop North for the coolant info yesterday, too!)

No prob - glad it was of use.

I'm clearly moving up in the world... I read through the PDF today to see if there was anybody I knew, and there was. Even if it was just Wendy again.

She sounds very cool. Not just for what she does/what she's done, but for seriously smashing that whole "eeew, women and computers" thing.

Late to comment but i was very pleased to see this!! do pass on congrats.

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