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A novel injury

Today, I managed to cut my hand on an ice cube. Would I be correct in thinking that this is a fairly unusual injury?

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It's certainly a very amusing injury.

Coming soon - impalement on a stick of dry spaghetti.

With the sequel - impalement on wet spaghetti!

In my defence, I'd like to point out that it was a cocktail-making accident. However, I was nigh-sober (only one small margarita down an hour previously), and I'd just managed to cook brunch for eleven using CUTTY-STABBY-KNIVES and BURNY-FIRE without injuring myself.

Anyway, forget spaghetti - I'm more likely to grate my fingertip off with the parmesan.

Whilst grating the parmesan, or on the parmesan itself?

Even if you did, the only possible response would be "Hard cheese".

While grating the parmesan, on the grater. While I'm normally wary of prompting fate, I think that I'd be very unlikely to injure myself with a piece of parmesan.

(Deleted comment)
I've managed to knock (not cut - this was a blunt instrument) the top of my finger off with a cinema projector. I suspect that I shouldn't handle heavy machinery. Ever.

And thinking about it, I've cut myself with a potato peeler before now.

Heh... and I thought I did well to injure myself sitting upright on a soft inflatable sphere (and not falling off).

Sounds dangerous. Given my sense of balance, I'd be lucky to walk away without concussion from such an encounter.

Heh... but I didn't fall off or even nearly do so.

Ah so you're the people who are responsible for those weird and wacky stats in RoSPA annual surveys.

the hatter

It would appear so.

I hope you were sharpening said ice-cube in an attempt to create some form of perfect murder weapon.

I'm still smarting from the paper-cut I got yesterday. All the web design advice in the world tells you to go back to pencil and paper for the early stages, but do they warn you of the dangers? Do they buggery. Later today I may attempt to operate a pencil sharpener. Wish me luck.

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