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Brunch report

Another Sunday brunch today, this time for my PhD (and EngD) students. It was great to finally get them all over, although I note that they're a far more abstemious bunch than the usual suspects - we practically had to beg them to drink the margaritas I had on ice!

Menu was as follows (mostly for my benefit):

  • Fruit platter - pineapple and papaya, dressed with lime and cayenne
  • Huevos revueltos with chorizo
  • Guacamole
  • Frijoles
  • Salsa Pica de Gallo
  • (sour cream, crumbled Wensleydale, spring onions)
  • Tortillas and bread rolls (the latter for molletes)
  • Sopapillos (or bunuelos - I can't work out which is the correct term for fried wheat tortillas dredged with cinnamon sugar)
  • Cafe en Olla
  • Choice of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic: Margarita, Bloody Mary/Maria, Bucks Fizz, Tequila Sunrise, Virgin Mary, Virgin Sunrise

Next time, we might try a New York bagel brunch; sadly, there are several people who dislike fish, which rules out an Edwardian brunch with kedgeree or kippers.

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It's not possible.

"Dislike fish" Exclamation mark.

To the salt mines with them...

Mmmm, fish....

(Deleted comment)
No problem - it was great having you all over.

Yes, we had an excellent time - thank you!

oh! I am so sad that we do not live closer together. Your brunches always sound so wonderful!

We should really make this a resolution for the New Year...

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