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An unexpected turn of events

We appear to have acquired a cat:

We passed her on Brookside Way, and she followed us home. She then hung around outside for another half hour, and was looking quite lost (ias found her when she went outside to get some thyme).

The garklet seems a little unsure as to what to make of her; he's currently stroking her gently, but he was telling the cat to 'go' earlier. He at least now seems confident that she won't play with his train (although he's quite keen to demonstrate it to her).

I've been on a quick trip to the shops to get some catfood. We'll keep her in the kitchen overnight (with the window open), and put up 'found' posters tomorrow if she hasn't left. She seems in good shape; her coat is in good condition, she has no injuries, she seems free of fleas, and she seems a reasonable weight, but she's doesn't have a collar. She also smells faintly of cigarette smoke, so she's been living around people.

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Aww. If I remember rightly, the garklet has wanted a cat for quite some time, hasn't he ?

BTW, what about a proper picture of His Lordship ?

Wanted is perhaps the wrong word. He's fascinated by cats at a distance, but is rather uncertain of them when they're up close.

He's much the same with domestic robots.

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I don't expect that this will be a permanent residence. As we've said before, next door have six cats, and there at least another four cats within two houses away. Bringing another cat into the area is asking for catfights and trips to the vet.

it's not quite a
'No Mr Bond I don't expect you to talk I expect you to die'
kind of cat but Alex appears to be working on it :)

You haven't heard him say 'no' to the students on the bus. He's a toddler with a plan, and he wants minions.

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Our last three were black cats. It will be a novelty to pick white fluff off the furniture.

(aren't Smudge and Snufkin both jellicle cats?)

Many cats these days are chipped. If you take her to the local vet, they should be able to check for you. Most vets will do this free of charge (and if they won't, the PDSA will).

Also, what an awesomely cute cat :)

I thought of this on the way home, but got sidetracked by the possibility of building an RFID reader from everyday objects.

Getting the cat to the vet may be fun, given that we don't have a cat carrier. Otherwise, a jolly good point.

got sidetracked by the possibility of building an RFID reader from everyday objects.


You say that like it's a surprise.

Anyway, I guessed that I'd have a good chance of accidentally cooking the cat with microwaves, so thought it was less than a good idea.

ps: weather here v. cold. please send hot weather.

Congratulations; you have been adopted.

Perhaps; it shouldn't be a permanent state of affairs.

She also smells faintly of cigarette smoke, so she's been living around people.

Unless she's got a 20-a-day Malboro habit of her own.

I find that a cat with a smoker's cough is fairly easy to identify...

There used to be a parakeet in the Garrick Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon, which could mimic a smoker's cough, complete with echo. Most disconcerting when Ann and I were alone in the bar.

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You're think that the cat curled up in our living room is the same as the one that was in your place?

If it is, then she's roaming fairly widely while angling for sympathy.

Edited at 2008-12-03 11:21 pm (UTC)

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When can we see some lolcats?

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