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Another Bank Holiday, another flypast

This time, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Dakota, accompanied by a Spitfire and a Hurricane (not sure which ones), en route to Wings and Wheels. The garklet slept through it all, alas.

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Aha, so that's where they were going

Ta for that. I did wonder after they flew over us at the White Swan at lunchtime :) --jmb

On holiday this year I got buzzed by a Vulcan bomber.


I haven't seen a Vulcan fly since I was a kid, but we did have a B1-B fly over the house a couple of years ago.

I live only a few miles away from Biggin Hill, which is useful.

Yes, I can see that would be. We're very close to Southampton International, so we get quite a lot of flypasts: two trips from the BoBMF this year (once with the Lancaster, and once with a Dakota), and the Red Arrows at speed.

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