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Concorde: the end of an era

Well, that's that, then. British Airways and Air France have announced that they're retiring their Concorde fleets this autumn (possibly as early as 31st May for Air France). I could witter on about how it was an enduring symbol of Anglo-French cooperation and technological progress as many others are no doubt doing, but I'm mainly irritated that there's no way that ias and I could afford to spend £6800 each between now and October.

As the venerable E.J. Thribb (17) might have written:

On the retirement of Concorde

So. Farewell then

You flew
and other celebrities
at Mach 2.2

£6800 for free
champagne isn't such
good value.

You were the shape of
the future.

And now you're

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(possibly as early as 31st March for Air France)

I'd be impressed if they managed that considering it is now 10th april.

ias and I could afford to spend £6800 each between now and October.

Actually, looking at the news page, we could do one way with sub-sonic Economy for £4000, one way with business class return for £6K, one way with first class for £7.5K and Concorde both ways for £8K (all fares for both of us)

Gah, 31st May, you fool!

(flagellates self in corner)

awww :( I really wanted to fly the concorde JUST once.

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