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Getting with the program
while (!well) {

That said, last night I had the best sleep in the past week, so I seem to be on the mend. I hope.

In other news, it's brilliant sunshine outside and I have the light on in my office. The IR-blocking film that was placed on my windows while I was in Bulgaria cuts the light down by so much (70%) that it feels like an abnormally hot winter's day. Meanwhile, they're using pneumatic drills on the building site under my window, so I have my window closed. I've just finished a telecon, so I've had my office door closed. The temperature difference between my office (with window film, and with door and window closed) and next door (without film, with window open but door closed - the occupant is working in the main lab) is 1.5°C; my room is 29.5°C, my neighbour's is 28°C.

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My first thought was that you could have done all that with a shell script :) Maybe I should re-evaluate my current choice of bedtime reading.

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