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A lad of expensive tastes
toddler garklet

The garklet has managed to outdo himself this morning by taking a small swig from ias's bottle of Chanel No.19. Not the eau de toilette (which is relatively cheap at ~£60/100ml) nor the eau de parfum (which is slightly more expensive at about ~£80/100ml), but the little 7.5ml bottle of the parfum, which works out at a staggering £850/100ml. We don't think that he managed to drink much, since it's quite bitter - maybe 0.1ml, which is still enough to make his breath reek of No.19 - but he then managed to tip half the bottle over the dressing table.

My hands now smell of nothing but No.19 (which is pleasant, but I'd rather smell it on ias), and the bedroom is rather over fragranced.

On the plus side, I now know what to get ias for Christmas...

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My mum loves to remind me of the time when as a toddler I doused myself with the entire bottle of her best perfume, then asked "do I smell nice?"

Assuming the constant exposure for the next few weeks doesn't put you off the scent. And assuming it doesn't trigger a "do not eat" reflex in the garklet after this incident.

the hatter

Thankfully, he's in nursery, so we probably won't have to deal with the perfumed nappy.

That reminds me I need to order some 'Ginger' from Lush. (Ginger was my favourite Lush perfume but was discontinued and has been reissued through their 'retro' range. I once let a nearly full bottle leak into a compartment in my suitcase which was a great shame but at least the suitcase smelt nice!)

I'm also making a mental note to get a lockable bathroom cabinet before our small being gets to your garklet's age.



if you could happen to mention how much you spend on Is to mup - i will not tell lotndot that they should spend a week teaching Alex new tricks


That might be a deal - the lad's at an impressionable age.

That's more expensive than really good scotch! :)

Doesn't taste as good, alas...

I found my Mam's precious bottle of Real French Perfume and washed my doll's hair in it. Whoops.

er, can I borrow your lawnmower next week!

Ah. You're welcome to, but it might not do what you want. ias managed to break the old hover mower, so we've replaced it with an electric cylinder mower. This gives a lovely finish, but is completely rubbish at cutting long grass, dandelions, catears and thistles...

That's impressively destructive, in a funny sort of way

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