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Just finished watching most of Secondhand Lions, a rather charming coming-of-age film with Haley Joel Osment, Robert Duvall and Michael Caine (and sadly also Caine's dreadful Texan accent). I don't recall this being released at the time (2003), so I assume that it sunk without trace at the UK box office.

However, I'm posting about it because the framing story has the grown-up Osment character as a cartoonist who seems to be channelling Bloom County's Berkeley Breathed. Rather a pleasant surprise - I hadn't realised that Breathed had any film credits to his name.

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I was watching it as well (with a certain amount of 'oh, it's them'). It reminded kludge and I a lot of Big Fish (with Ewan and Michael apparently come from the same area of the US).

I missed the beginning where I assume it was clear Garth and Hub were brothers ;-)

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