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Interests Meme

thegreatgonzo questioned these seven interests, if you want me to ask about yours, comment below.

A rather good independent record label. The people who brought the world The Pixies, Dead Can Dance, The Cocteau Twins, M/A/R/R/S, and so on.
Dave Langford's multi-Hugo-winning fanzine/semi-prozine. Also an anagram of 'lesbian'.
looney labs
A small games company with a reputation for quirky games: Fluxx, Chrononauts, Icehouse.
magic realism
I'm rather fond of the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jorge Luis Borges.
Another Hugo-winning fanzine.
salt and sauce
The only thing worth putting on chips. I sneer at your gravy.
I remember when this World Wide Web was all Silverstands... One of the great what-ifs of computing history (second only to Babbage, I'd say), Xanadu was Ted Nelson's plan for a global hypertext system. In (sporadic) development since the 1960s, and arguably no closer to a releasable product than it was then, sadly.

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(Deleted comment)
cake mix
the smell of insulin
the wheel of liz
old cookbooks
kitchen gadgets
story telling
secondhand bookshops

avoiding learning finnish
chroming the moon
socratic irony
incongruous furniture
pretending to be welsh
bleeding ears

ps: happy birthday!

Oooh, I like this meme. Please?

stockings and suspenders
purple marmite woe
not being a goth
builder's tea
sea of doctor socks
acting the slut

(Deleted comment)
See! Eminently sensible chap you're married to...

Seriously, I never imagined that they could screw it up that badly.

What will you come up with for me I wonder?

That'll be an empty list, because you have no interests listed here. Now you're on maternity leave, you'll have plenty of time to remedy that situation... :)

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