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The Garklet Lexicon #2
toddler garklet

A few updates since last time:

A dog. After an enjoyable cream tea at the Station House in Burley last weekend, he's finally worked out that not all furry quadrupeds are cats. This was helped by the three dogs that were sitting near us - after about an hour of 'no, that's a dog', he seemed to get the difference. This is of course a phenomenally interesting thing to have happened; I teach my students about various concept learning algorithms, and it's great to see the young lad starting to compete with the cutting edge of 1980s AI.
A spoon. He said it twice while waving a spoon at me, and that counts, dammit. Also, nursery seem to think that he's been saying it for a bit.
A bowl. Pronounced like the thing you tie in a bit of string, and distinct from 'bow' (rhymes with 'cow'), which is the noise made when you throw something.

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If he's getting things that quickly, then it won't be long to full sentences.

So cute! I love little kid language. And "bada" is hilarious, very Upper West Side (of New York). ;-)

Apparently (I only have their word for it) Numenta's HTM is likely to offer one of the first solutions to the Cat/Dog problem by later this summer (it can already do that other tricky 80's AI problem, Tank/Helicopter).

Alex says he now has a picture of you sitting in front of a computer all day saying "no, that's a dog" to it, then coming home to say it to the garklet.

Or possibly telling your students "no, that's a dog"...


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