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The Garklet Lexicon
toddler garklet

Up rather early this morning with the sound of a vomiting garklet. Cot disinfected, garklet bathed, and laundry on, and it's still not yet 7am. Still, at least he's still cheery.

Anyway, as much for our benefit as for yours, here's the young lad's current (consistent) vocabulary, as well as we can make it out.

Any furry, four-legged mammal, most commonly a cat.
dak, duk
A bird, most commonly a duck.
Daddy. Or Mummy. Or Alex. Or, in fact, any person.
A vehicle (including aeroplanes)
Bubble. Or any round, see-through and pretty thing (raindrops on windows, etc).
lo, elo, iya
The noise made by something falling or being thrown.
A ball, or something which can be thrown.
uh oh
1. Oh dear, something has fallen down. It may have been an accident, but it's more likely that I did it on purpose.
2. Oh dear, something is not right. Also used when someone sneezes.
That, the thing that I am pointing at. Why do my stupid parents not understand what I'm saying to them?

Given this, it's hardly surprising that one of his favourite books (if not his absolute favourite) is the wonderful Sadie the Airmail Pilot, which features a cat who flies planes. Things don't get better than this for the under-twos, it seems.

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This made me chuckle.

I was also amused to see a demonstration of the use of 'uh oh' when the Garklet watched the clip of Lizzie sneezing.

R x

Garklet vomit is obviously my fault. I said to Emma last night that Cava all over the walls ought to be a "nice change from Garklet vomit", but then realised that he's getting a bit old to constantly have fluid leaking from one end or the other. Obviously he was keen to prove me wrong.

We think that it was the result of him bingeing on sour cream with the fajitas last night, since both of us are feeling fine...

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