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A question of manners

So, what is the correct response when your senior colleague comes into your office with a half-bottle of undrinkable Cava that he then proceeds to spray over your ceiling, walls, whiteboard, chair, and floor? Especially when his response is to giggle like a maniac? This was before 9am, by the way.

My office now smells of stale cava...


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"Hey, that's a waste of good paint thinner!"?

Was there a reason for this?

He was trying to demonstrate that the cava had corked and gone flat. Unfortunately, while it had corked, it wasn't flat after sitting in a warm lab overnight.

I see it along the lines of:

"Fuck off!"
"Don't talk to me like that!"
"Sorry. Fuck off, sir!"
"That's better."

Edited at 2008-06-14 09:35 am (UTC)

He may be senior to me, but I can't ever see myself calling him 'sir'...

I had an out-of-date packer of kimchee in the office fridge that had swollen up in an alarming fashion; I threatened to hide it behind his desk after he'd gone home for the weekend...

I had a dream where you two and the garklet came to visit me....he was running all over the place, bless him !

Sounds about right!

No idea when we're next going to be in Essex but we'll give you plenty of warning!

Please do. I shall be more than happy to help extend the garklet's vocabulary.

Cause for celebration? had been up all night? What??

His PhD student had successfully passed his viva the day before, and to celebrate he opened the bottle of plonk that had been in the fridge since 2004 (optimistically). The cork came out with a dull phut rather than a pop, so he was convinced that it was irretrievably flat. That was before he left the bottle in a warm lab overnight and then gave it a good shake.

No, I'm not sure why he did this, and I suspect neither is he.

Idiot. Fridges are not healthy long-term environments for natural cork.

I think that he knows this now, although I would be happier had he discovered the end effect in his own office.

so now you're too good to lick a wall?

It's at the very top of the wall - I could barely reach it with my hand when I was trying to mop it up.

The carpet, on the other hand,is another matter.

It was Kirk, by the way...

(Deleted comment)
We managed to mop it up fast enough, I think. I couldn't smell anything this morning, but the fact that my office was already up to 24C by 0845 this morning means that all the volatiles had probably already been baked out of the carpet...

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