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Liveblogging Eurovision #9 (Georgia)

A Song with a Message, and they're going to sing at us out of tune until we listen. Or change the channel. Also, sunglasses and a bad Hollywood cyberpunk aesthetic? Please, no.

Oh I see, it's a Bucks Fizz homage, but now they're all wearing Things To Come-esque white (and the male backing singer is too porky for those pleats).

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She's congenitally blind, but that's no excuse for poor song and staging.

Bosnia, how can you vote for Bosnia, sir? That was no song, that was student interperative theatre circa 1985

The comment? I know, thank you, dear. I try

Bosnia, you twit. How was your birthday ?

Oh Michelle, I will NOT be sidetracked (it was lovely thanks, but I'm feeling a bit old now). That song was excerable. It was pure arse-gravy of the highest magnitude.

What can I say: I'm a sucker for back-combed hair.

She has a certain essence d'kate bush about her, I'll admit.

More like Toni Basil. Kate Bush was the portly lass from Portugal.

Who could actually sing. Unlike Kate Bush.

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