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A Pox on Air France and BAA

Lunch in Southampton. Dinner in Luxembourg. Luggage in Paris.

I had an inkling that things were going slightly pear-shaped when the bloke on the check-in desk at Southampton didn't seem concerned that I only had an hour between one flight landing and the next taking off, and that I had to get from 2E to 2D at Charles de Gaulle *and* check in for the second leg (they couldn't issue boarding passes for the whole route, despite both legs having Air France codes).

I made it to check-in at 2D just as it was closing; my flight landed at 1930, and it took me until 2000 to get to 2D. Of course, it doesn't help that the flight from Southampton spends fifteen minutes taxiing to a remote stand on some far-flung corner of the airport. Checked-in and got through security by 2010, so made it to the gate just as that was closing.

Noticed that my colleague (flying from Manchester to CDG, where we were to meet) was nowhere to be seen. Dropped him a text, and found that he'd been waiting to disembark his flight for the last half hour. Not a chance of him making the flight.

Got to Luxembourg, unlike my luggage, which is still at CDG. I'm wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt with Richard Stallman on it (in a Che Guevara stylee). My suitcase had in it the elegant linen/silk summer-weight suit that I bought only this afternoon. The daytime temperature tomorrow is predicted to top 27C here.

Oh, did I mention that I've a project review meeting tomorrow morning at 9am?

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My sympathies. Emma and I (and about ten other passengers going from Monterey to London) managed to have our luggage mislaid somewhere at LAX last year. Then all but one of the cases arrived on the next flight to Heathrow. Mine being the odd one out that took a week to get home.... ;)

LAX already had earned itself a position in my hatred...

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