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Humphrey Lyttleton, 1921-2008

Oh dear. I suppose that'll be the end of ISIHAC, since I can't see it under someone else's chairmanship. I'm glad that I managed to get o a recording of ISIHAC, though I will still regret passing up the chance to see him and Acker Bilk in concert the year before last.

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They can't do it without him - it would be a travesty.

But I bet they will. Mind you, it was never the same after Willie Rushton died.

We saw the show in Bristol a few years ago - I was literally aching with laughter by the end.

Yeah, ISIHAC hasn't been the same since. Certainly won't be without Humph. :(

Aw. I suppose it seems appropriate to make a pun related to muting trumpets at this point but I'll leave it to Graeme Garden.

Oh, no. And why did I hear it here? Shouldn't they have had a morning's silence on Today or something? Instead they were wittering on about someone unimportant, like Jesus.

I don't know if they'll stop I'm Sorry...; although I can't think of anyone who could replace him, it's always possible it could work with someone different (probably someone deliberately very different.)

But anyway. Bugger.

Wikpedia has it that they were talking about cancelling the next season last week (when he went into hospital to have the aortic aneurysm operated on), and that Rob Brydon had been asked to stand in for live shows.

Also, most of Today between 7am and 8am seemed to be devoted to Humph.

For some reason this news was not relayed to me in Camber Sands (there's no crossover between ravers and ISIHAC fans? say it isn't so).

It wouldn't be the same, and the respectful thing to do is close the book on the name and the format and invent something quite different but bringing back some of the ISIHAC crew, and hopefully with an opportunity for constant digs about how ISIHAC was better.

Now there'll only be one regular show on Radio 4 I actually listen to.

Now that is an excellent idea. Of course, stuck on the wrong side of the big pond it won't help me much... but it would be something to look forward to when we eventually have enough spare cash to go and visit my parents. Still, you never know, Auntie Beeb might even be nice and put a new show like that on a podcast feed (like they have with The Now Show) which actually makes it through all the firewalls and other annoying "security" tools between there and here.

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