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Poll: Listmania
Poll #1167382 Listmania

State the next item in the list: apple, pear, plum, strawberry, orange

chocolate cake
lucky seven
cherry pie

Finish the list

Bonus marks if you can name the source of the list in a comment (can't be bothered to screen, so I'll rely on you all not cheating by sneaking a peek)


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If you google the list, the third thing you get is this LJ entry ...

Now that I find surprising, given how well-known this list is.

I think I have the advantage of a shared context here. *grin*

(I think I've missed some out - there ought to be ten between orange and the final one, come to think of it.)

The order's right, but you've missed the salami; but the rest is there.

*Four* times tonight! And "Miffy goes to a gallery" twice!

Edited at 2008-04-07 08:52 pm (UTC)

I spoke too soon - the cupcake and the watermelon are the other way around.

Now, I have the context of FOOD and was thinking about preserves that should be on the breakfast table, especially if pancakes are involved. Or fried potatoes.

The child that I have most to do with is Five now, and would rather watch Dr Who.

Ah, Tiptree don't do anything involving apples or pears (bar crab apples) that I'm aware of, so that probably wouldn't have occurred to me.

Dammit. We're out of Tiptree Mulberry.

The order's right, but you've missed the salami; but the rest is there.

*Four* times tonight!

If only we were in a Carry On film!

I did initially expect "Tom Thumb" as an option, thanks to this morning's shenanigans (with "Each Peach Pear Plum").

This will probably depress you, but *neither* of my children recognised the list, even when I read them the entire list. Marianne worked it out when I said 'On Monday he ate through one apple'. I think both of them had heard the story somewhere between five hundred and a thousand times.

Edited at 2008-04-08 08:26 pm (UTC)

Almost certainly the very hungry caterpillar, don't know if it's the dead tree or rock opera version though.

Rock opera version?

Here is the rock opera version, by the way.

Ah, hadn't realised it was a Mitch Benn.

IN the game of Spot the Parents - it's from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I trust someone adds the stomach cake prior to the nice green leaf (as pronounced by some children and/or parents ;-) )


Indeed - that was rather the purpose of the quiz.

In fact, I can recall Thomas Eaton using this as a 'what links' question for the quiz in the Saturday Guardian.

See, I was thinking "list of bonus-point items in some Pac-Man type game", and looking for either a key or a pretzel...

My thought was similarly the ranking of prizes on a slot machine *&)

I think my list indicates that I have a passing familiarity with the source.

The acid test is whether you could remember the right order without checking...

ah. My children are 11 and 7. If you had asked me when they were 4 and 1, I surely would have been able to, but it's wearing off. Actually, you're probably pleased to know it wears off.

I have to wonder if the statistical popularity of "badger" is more down to it being the first item on the list, or just due to the Interweb memery of weebl.

I've seen things. I've seen them with my eyes. I've seen things. They're often in disguise.

I just realised I forgot the leaf and the watermelon and I know my order is shot to pieces.
I remember when Mup and I lay in bed at about 2 in the morning reciting it to each other as we had read it so often when you closed your eyes that was what you saw. happy days


ias hasn't read it as often as I have, mainly because I normally put Alex to bed, but I suspect she'd still have a reasonable chance of getting the rest of the list.

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