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Conference Redux

Conference registration: £400

Airline flight: £160

Hotel bill: £340

Discovering that less than ten people have bothered to stay around for your presentation: priceless

No, I'm not impressed. Can you tell?

Also, note the following exchange:

This is our work on a formal model for XXX. I'm not a formal methods person, so I may not be able to answer your questions on those aspects; I'll concentrate on the broader context of our work and refer you to the paper.
Audience member
But what about (highly technical question relating to formal methods)?

On the plus side, the burgers in the Hotel Malmaison are probably the best burgers I've have from hotel room service, or perhaps anywhere.

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I can top that

I attended a session (3 papers) at a conference a few years ago. There were four people in the room: The chairman, the first speaker, the second speaker, and me. I don't know where the third speaker was -- I left after the first talk, because there was another talk in a different room I wanted to go to.


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