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Conference Redux

Conference registration: £400

Airline flight: £160

Hotel bill: £340

Discovering that less than ten people have bothered to stay around for your presentation: priceless

No, I'm not impressed. Can you tell?

Also, note the following exchange:

This is our work on a formal model for XXX. I'm not a formal methods person, so I may not be able to answer your questions on those aspects; I'll concentrate on the broader context of our work and refer you to the paper.
Audience member
But what about (highly technical question relating to formal methods)?

On the plus side, the burgers in the Hotel Malmaison are probably the best burgers I've have from hotel room service, or perhaps anywhere.

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Alas, no. They're all bloody formal methods types. I've more in common with lobsters, or perhaps oak trees (from a professional perspective - they seem nice enough as people).

I remember my first international conference -- (A) due to some mixup I was apparently supposed to be chairing a session on something I knew nothing about and (B) an entire day was formal methods papers by guys with Chinese names. I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and instead of (B) decided that the Air & Space Museum in Washington was a much better bet (well, hell, I was working on aviation safety at the time!)

You could at least write that off as work-related. Belfast seems to be full of bloody Titanic stuff - as a resident of Southampton, I get quite enough of that already (so much so that I didn't actually notice it at first).

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