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Match it for Pratchett

So, fastfwd had this idea:

Today, it was announced that Terry Pratchett has donated half a million pounds to Alzheimer's research. Hearing that, it occurred to me that if half a million of us all donated a pound to Alzheimer's research, we could match his donation and make it an even million.

So whaddaya say, guys? It's a pound. That's about 2 bucks US dollars, give or take a couple of (US) pennies. You can spare that much. Go here and make your donation. Tell them it's in honour of Terry Pratchett.

Let's do it!

I've donated £10 to the Alzheimer's Research Trust, and I'd encourage you to do likewise (if you're a UK taxpayer, remember to tick the Gift Aid box)

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I went for £5, can't really afford any more.

I'll do it as soon as I've tracked down my new Charity Account login details. Gah. My filing's getting out of control again.

I already give to the Alzheimer's Society through payroll giving (which I'd encourage everyone to do). Of course your more affluent readers may wish to bid on this

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