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In the Beginning was the Word...
cheery alex

...and the Word was "uh-oh".

So much for "mama" or "dada".


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Well at least you're not 2nd best to "cat"... kids really know how to put you in your place even when they've got a 1 word vocab :/

But uh-oh! covers so much - including possibly, parents.

phil@parsley:~/work/kipple$ ./petrol > petrol-data

A couple of seconds of no output later...

His next words clearly need to be "svn revert".

That's really cool. And such a useful word too. Go Alex!

My youngest sister Hannah's first word was 'Oof' (which everyone agreed meant 'Ruth' - 'r's and 'th's' are hard for little ones to pronounce)

Yay, first words!

Eleanor's first word was "hockey." I was watching a match on TV during the playoffs. She pointed at the TV and said, "'Ahkk-ee!"

So, as it happens....

I was upstairs at the Melton Mowbray last Thursday, waiting for the ton, and what did I see but a small baby! It was there for at least half an hour, probably more, with a mother and no signs of being removed. You may wish to Have Words?

Oh, that's just peachy. Given the brush-off I received last time, I can't see that it's worth my while. I also very much doubt that FS&T have changed their corporate policy.

But he was saying "cat" on Saturday!!

No, that was just 'dah' or 'gah', which are the words for 'this thing I see before me is fine indeed'. Many things are 'dah', but not all of them are cats.

Oh no, you're raising a set theorist!

Early signs of a born experimentalist?

one of Thea's favourite phrases at the mo is : 'uh, oh dear' which is used for both: 'uh, oh' and: 'oh dear' type situations.

but then her first phrase was: 'sister did it'


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