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Happy Birthday elseware

May the birthday bunny bring you monsters destroying New York, and many other things besides.

Also, what is track 7? I've managed to work out/recognise all the rest...

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I can't speak for elseware, but I had a great time today. Cloverfield was OK, it needed one (more) correctly placed character death, a drastic re-cut towards the end, and some external context. As an idea for a "special" episode of some sort of TV series that can afford to destroy New York (OMGWTF world consistency) it's got lots of potential, but as a stand-alone movie it doesn't quite work, and I'm afraid sequels aren't likely to help.

Anyway, back to the real subject. Birthday boy told me he hadn't planned anything except a nice brunch, but planned or not it was a really cool day. And yes, I have the same problem with track 7, in the sense that I've heard it before, I can guess the name of the track, but I have trouble Googling up a strong reference to identify the artist & confirm the exact title.

I am going to have to buy that Shatner album. Also, Matter (the new Culture novel), and perhaps Halting State since we also dropped into the new Southampton FP today which I hadn't seen before.

Yes, you really do need to read Halting State - want to borrow my copy?

re: track 7, I've had no luck with Google. Chris in music-too-obscure-for-teh-intarwebs shocker!

Well, I picked up the copy in FP and flipped to a random page. My basis was, if that page doesn't do anything that annoyed me in his other work I'd buy it on the spot (when I did this I hadn't spotted Matter...). The page I flipped to had some of the geeky dialog that makes me feel (even if wrongly) that he's trying too hard. So, I don't know. That sort of thing is not a deal breaker, after all I read Neal Stephenson. But it did mean I don't find myself desperate to read it right away.

Then I saw "Matter" on the way out the door and now (thanks to a quick visit to Waterstones yesterday) I have that by my bed and I have "A Perfect Vacuum" and other Lem stuff on its way from Amazon, not to mention Caroline promised to lend me "Tales of Pirx the Pilot"... and I seem to have borrowed "How to be a Domestic Goddess" from Ele although obviously that's not bedtime reading.

So, yes I'd like to borrow it some time, but maybe later rather than sooner.

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