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I can't believe...

...that I've sat and watched the turgid excrescence that is A.I.. Again.

I want the last hour of my life back. Again.

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Why did you watch it?

I was worried that it wasn't as bad as I'd remembered it to be.

Unfortunately, it was.

Foolish boy. I think your review after the first time you saw it is the reason I've never bothered seeing it. Thanks for the reminder, though; I'll try to keep it that way.

(Deleted comment)
I amaze even myself sometimes.

I've promised myself that if I watch it again, I'll get up and walk out when the kid is stuck at the bottom of the sea looking at the "blue fairy".

Then I can miss the last 40 minutes which fucked it up completely.

That was why I watched it again. After ranting about it to missfairchild, I had an awful feeling that I was being unfair to the film, so I watched it again to see if I'd missed something in the last forty minutes that justified the Close Encounters ending.

I was wrong.

Having said that, I now realise that they're not aliens, but the descendents of the robots, but it's still a shit ending.

they're not aliens, but the descendents of the robots

Really?! I didn't pick up on that either.

If memory server me correctly it conveniently fades to black for a second at that point too. Just to make it obvious that this is the "real" end of the story.

Noooooooo! After all you said about it my post about Sunshine? Why didn't you just insert some AA batteries and wait for the aliens to take you away from all this?

Remember, I watch these films (again) so that you don't have to.

(Deleted comment)
The irritating thing is that the early parts of the film are actually quite good, once you get past the Spielberg sentimentality.

The Editing Room takes the pain away.

(Late warning: I burnt many a night as an undergrad reading through its archive of similarly scathing scripts.)

I can only add to the incredulity.

I recoiled in horror as it was announced as the next but one program on the channel as I flicked by.

"as I flicked by"

You mean, as your wife searched out a Doctor Who DVD in order to keep your daughter happy?

Coool a domestic on livejournal :)
My money is on Misty

My dosh is on Becca winning and getting more Dr Who... again :)

And you did this voluntarily? You need to get help...!

If my memory serves me rightly, and this is a big "if", I went to see AI with Kentouk and Misty with Chris? Dark muttering about how we'd paid to see the second half of the film which was utter shit and should get a 50% refund. I really enjoyed the first half, Kubrick being suitably dark and making you think. Then the diabolical spectacle that was Spielbergs' ropey ending shoehorned onto the end of which wouldn't have looked out of place in ET!

Thank you Nick for reminding me not to watch the second half of this film EVER again, you've saved me the horror.

I'd forgotten that, but I think you might be right. I do remember the dark muttering though.

"Who makes the roads roll?"

I stumbled across your LJ totally by chance (I ran a search for the phrase that happens to serve as your journal's title), and if that title is coming from whence I think it is, then I wholeheartedly approve. ^_^

Re: "Who makes the roads roll?"

Yes, it's from Blowups Happen. I'm a bit of a fan of Heinlein's early (good) work.

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