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Shoes/Ships/Sealing Wax Redux

I thought I was dead smart, I did.

Screwfix delivered at 1005 last Monday. Unfortunately, I'd had to leave the house for the dentist at 0955. Ended up collecting the parcel from local post office on Saturday morning. Two pairs of boots came in a box large enough to fit the garklet in. Maybe two garklets.

Unfortunately, the box contained only one pair of boots...and one pair of shoes. Typical. Phoned Screwfix, they agreed to dispatch a replacement for the shoes, and arranged collection for the shoes for this morning. New boots turned up on Monday while I was looking after an unwell garklet, and today's parcel was collected successfully while I was out at work.

I've just realised that Screwfix have a trade counter in Southampton. I could have bought the damned things in person and saved the postal hassle.

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Is the trade counter open to non-trade people, though? I wanted to go to the RS trade counter but without beng a business they wouldn't let me :/

There's no indication that you can't, but it's a good point.

I read that as, I could have bought the damned things in prison.

They're badass boots, but they're not *that* badass.

Edited at 2007-11-28 11:43 am (UTC)

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