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Room without a View

I've been in my current building for a year or so, having moved a few months after the big fire that burned down half my department. Both my office in this building (B32), and my office in the last building (B59), have had good views. The university is in Highfield, one of the highest points in Southampton, and my office is on the fourth floor of a building almost at the top of the hill. From my desk, I can see east at least as far as the downs on the far side of Meon Valley, perhaps as far as Chalton.

This won't last, alas. Biological Sciences are being turfed out of their current home on the Boldrewood campus to make room for the School of Management and Lloyd's Register (transforming it into a 'professional campus'). They're moving to the barren patch of land on what was once University Crescent, which had a row of 1930s semi-detached houses until a few months ago. The minutes of the first liaison meeting with Buildings and Estates note the following:

The new building B85 (IfLS) will be about one storey taller than B32 EEE, and at its closest point will be about 10m away, with the walls angled away from B32. The two areas of B85 (IfLS) closest to B32 are labs, which have relatively little glazing.

Edited to add: Planning application reference is 07/00597/OUT. Environmental impact assessment (ref: 06/01738/SCR) talks about a seven floor building, including basement.

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So you're not expected to want natural light and stuff like that ?

Sounds horrible. Good views have a real effect on morale.

You could always complain to the local planning authorities...

a 'professional campus'

So does that mean the others are 'unprofessional campuses'?

Well, they are overrun with students...

You still have a window which actually opens. Sorry, finding it hard to dredge up pity here. ;)

I love the way they say it shouldn't affect light levels much in the upper levels...

Given that my bay keep the blinds down, that sounds about right. Most of this building is lit by artificial shonk.

When we all get rickets, perhaps we could sue.

Yes, and I spent my years toiling in the PhD-mines to get it!

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