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What's it going to be then, eh?

Noticed while sorting through photos for the grandparents:



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Something tells me that Alex will not thank you if he sees this post when he's older.....

Children of the digital age......

The Wayback Machine has already forever imprinted it into its soulless, everlasting, memory-banks.


What a fantastic smile :->

Oh, that image is so not right. :^)

I'm enjoying your blog... just found out I'm pregnant and I'm scouring the web for interesting bits. Somehow your blog came up.

I see you've got a tag for Doctor Who... I'm a fan myself. Amusing coincidence that I somehow found your blog when searching Google for what to call secular godparents AND you are (supposedly) a Doctor Who viewer yourself.

By the way, I adore your naming ceremony. Mind if I steal it? The points you made about animals and life were as if I'd written them myself.

Are you looking for new LJ friends?

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