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Weekend Redux

Saturday: lazy morning playing with the garklet, culminating in him falling asleep on me while ias was out shopping. Attacked the few bits of bindweed that have appeared since last month and mowed the lawn. Failed to apply anti-slug nematodes, partly because soil wasn't damp enough. Fabulous dinner of a duck, fig and walnut salad (me) and an excellent summer pudding (ias).

Sunday: BBQ at surliminal's with various fannish types. If your ears have been burning, we may have been gossiping about you. If you have to ask whether we were talking about you, you've clearly got a guilty conscience and therefore must have been one of the people about whom we were gossiping.

The garklet was his usual cheery self, and seemed to enjoy the barbecued chicken. Uncle swisstone was also a clear hit.

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I don't suppose I managed to drop a PDA in your car?

I've just checked - it doesn't look like it, unfortunately.

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