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I'm getting married in the morning...

...and other such traditional Cockney songs (from a Hollywood perspective).

Yes, we're now within twenty-four hours of the wedding and a relatively mild-mannered chaos is reigning in Gark Towers, what with the large numbers of parents and friends within its walls. (what is the collective noun for parents? a good intention of parents?) Most of the stuff for the reception tomorrow has gone down to the Guildhall - all the table centres and drink - and the remainder has been dealt with (our fudge is, as they say, packed).

Enough for now - more jobs to go and do.

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Hope it all went well, best wishes for the future :-)

Thanks - it all went pretty well apart from a few minor niggles (that we're probably disproportionately pissed off about), and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even us. I've ranted a bit (!) in another post, and will be posting links to photos when we have them.

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