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Words fail me

Bush commutes "Scooter" Libby's prison sentence

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Unfortunately, that comes as no surprise whatsoever.

Side note: fixed ecsprogress. Blasted page size directive was breaking its margins.

When the courts don't make the right decision then the president obviously has to step in. The creationisit museum in Kentucky has a planetarium which a solar system in which the Sun is formed after the Earth. Surely Cheney/Bush follows the same model.

I offer this Link on the mental state of the President.

Well now that the President doesn't have the Legislature to do his dirty work he has to step in himself to hamstring the courts.

Isn't this just what we should expect when judges are political appointed? Someone higher up the political ladder sees something that they don't agree with, cries fowl and reverses it. Blame a broken system that put a broken president in place.

the words you're seeking may come from this list:
business as usual
mutual back scratching
one step closer to a Democrat in the White House

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