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An eggstraordinary poll

Inspired by flick's potato poll. For the purposes of question two, 'top' refers to whichever end (or side) of the egg you customarily open.

Poll #1012538 An eggstraordinary poll

Big end first, or little end first?

Big end! Little-endians are freaks!
Little end! Big-endians are unnatural!
I eat my eggs sideways
I don't eat boiled eggs
I don't eat eggs at all
I am a special and unique snowflake, and I'll comment below

How do you open your egg?

Slice the top off with a knife
Slice the top off with a teaspoon
Bash the top with a teaspoon, then slice it off with the teaspoon
Bash the top with a teaspoon, then carefully peel the bashed shell before slicing off the top with the teaspoon
Bash the egg all over, peel off all the shell
I don't eat boiled eggs
I don't eat eggs at all
I am a special and unique snowflake, and I'll comment below


White bread
Brown bread
I don't eat soldiers
I don't eat eggs
I am a special and unique snowflake, and I'll comment below


I am a special and unique snowflake, and I'll comment below

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Soldiers should be toasted. And they should be brown but I'll concede to the white bread preferences of my children (while slightly cheating by buying 50/50 bread, which satisfies the prejudices regarding bread colour on both sides of the divide).

I'm a "don't eat eggs at all" voter, but soldiers (if there are to be soldiers, for dipping into other things such as cream cheese or similar) should be wholemeal (technically distinct from "brown"), and condimented with marmite.

Eggs: soft-boiled, peeled, bashed in a cup with salt and a leetle bit of butter. Two pieces of bread, white or brown, cut in half then you spoon the mix onto them, finally wiping the inside of the cut with the last bit of bread.

now I want to do this. It must be my new favourite way to eat an egg. I also have a soft spot for eggs just the hard side of soft-boiled, so the yolk is like almost liquid golden velvet, peeled and eaten like a fruit (both yolk and white), with maybe a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

If I eat a boiled egg it's because I have to rather than from wanting to, so I peel off the shell, open it up, eat the yolk in two halves with each half not chewed but swallowed with a arge gulp of water much like a pill, then I eat the white.

For some reason, I only like eggs as omelettes (although they're fine as part of other dishes like pizza).

Huh: I can't stand omelettes, or any other form of 'here is an egg in an eggy lump', but I love scrambled eggs

It says an awful lot about me when I start thinking Data Organization rather than anything specifically to do with eggs. Yes I know thats where is all from but still you get the point.

Does this mean you are the special and unique snowflake?

I think the term 'special' has been applied to me on more than one occasion ! :)
I think once you have had to wrangle your head around Big Endian and Little Endian architectures existing in the same bit of silicon then you have every right to be confused. AND NO I didn't design it, I just had to get that bit to work !

Bread = whichever of the varieties of bread we have that will work best as soldiers (possibly toasted) and with flavours and textures of egg. The egg is, to some extent, a flavour enhancer for the bread itself...

And surely it just makes much more sense to have the big end uppermost if you're dipping soldiers in? I am surprised by the low numbers there.

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