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School Motto

Meme seen on ias and thegreatgonzo's journals, who seem to have got it from Gordon Brown.

My school had Incipe ("Begin!"). My first university had Mens Agitat Molem ("Mind Moves Matter", roughly). I've no idea what Edinburgh's motto is, but Southampton's appears to be Strenuis Ardua Cedunt ("The heights yield to endeavour").

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Tony got it from me, I got it from Gordon Brown.

My school's was Agonizou ton kalon agona tes pisteos - "Fight the good fight of faith" (urg). Trinity's is Semper eadem - "Always the same" - very appropriate!

Trinity's is Semper eadem - "Always the same"

It's also the motto of the city of Leicester; and probably just as appropriate for there as for Trinity, though not for the same reasons.

Yeah? I didn't know that. I used to go to Leicester a lot, on Saturday mornings, to teach OU students. I suppose it was always pretty much the same - debris from Friday night revelries scattered over the pavements, bands of policemen lurking at the station to deter would-be football hooligans...

You've got the only Greek motto, so I think that you've won.

Heh. Selwyn College also has a Greek motto, ISTR.

My collection is: lauda finem ('praise to the end'), in limine sapientiae ('on the threshold of wisdom') and universitas warwiciensis/mens agitat molem ('University of Warwick'/'mind moves matter').

King Ted's motto was Fac recte, nil time, which roughly translates, rather heroically, as "Do right and fear nothing". Leeds Uni's motto is the rather ungrammatical (when translated) Et augebitur scientia ("And knowledge will be increased"), while Emma, being contrary, does not have a motto at all.

I don't think my school had a motto, or if it did it was probably "YOU! Shut up! Conform!"

My school's was Ad Astra, to the heights or stars.

Don't know if Brookes had a motto.

I went to a comprehensive that was formerly a secondary modern so no school motto.

However I can offer the motto of the school John Smith worked at in the original novel of Human Nature by Paul Cornell: Maius Intra Qua Extra (bigger on the inside).

My Catholic primary school was "God's Glory Always", Catholic high school was "Servire Deo Sapere" for which I've forgotten the translation. My uni's slogan is "University for the real world".

"The heights yield to endeavour"...my first thought is that it must be a reference to climbing up the stairs in the Maths tower.

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