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sonic screwdriver

  • First off, the drums are clearly beating along to the Doctor Who theme tune, probably the arrangement introduced in season 18. Certainly not the current arrangement.

  • Second, John Simm makes a good Master, but I wasn't overly impressed with the episode as a whole. Not quite as dark as I might have liked.

  • USS Valiant is quite clearly the Helicarrier from S.H.I.E.L.D., which opens up a whole bunch of UNIT/S.H.I.E.L.D. crossovers.

  • The Master watching the Teletubbies is a rather sweet homage to the Master watching the Clangers

  • "Oh no, not another invasion of creatures from another dimension intent on eliminating humanity"

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Yeah that was my first thought as well I was expecting the Hoff to
turn up as Nick Fury and shoot the Master with his needle gun, personally I agree and don't think he was very evil it was like he was trying to be tom baker rolled in with sylvester McCoy.

I feel as if it was just a bit too big for a penultimate episode.

I don't think the Zeroids ;P are from another dimension. I did have a theory that they are Something To Do With That Last Dalek. ;)

Oh my god. You're quite right - they're zeroids.

How could I have missed that?

Yup - I was assuming Daleks as well, up until the rift opened. Having a finale without Daleks would be nice though.

My first thought was "Oh, a Russell T Davies episode. So, light on the plot and heavy on the CGI aliens, then?" And he didn't disappoint. Grr.

Have you been watching Jekyll? Last week's was written Stephen Moffat. I don't know if he's done the whole thing, though, and I haven't seen tonight's yet.

James Nesbitt was Very Scary in the first one, last week, I thought.

We missed it last week (due to garklet wakings) and had hoped they'd be a repeat during the week on Three or Four but there wasn't, so waiting for the proper summer repeat on one or t'other of the digital channels that there's bound to be.

My first thought when I saw USS Valiant was Captain Scarlet and Cloudbase 9

That's the other choice, but I'm slightly too young to have watched Captain Scarlet.

Yes, Steven IDed it as Cloudbase. I loved the interior design of the Valiant though.

Yep. Instant squeee! here, I'm afraid.

I don't suppose we'll see Martha saving the day piloting an Angel Interceptor next week, though :)

Yesh, Cloudbase, surely. I'm glad somebody else spotted that.

There were two plots here; one interesting and character-driven and one all CGI and frothy. No prizes for guessing which one Russell went for. Oh look, they're coming out of the sky again. And from the preview it looks like there's going to be a little resistance with guns. How sodding original.

Maybe it means they're going to open the rift again. Rose and Mickey could knock some sense into the writers.

The last episode had better have a sting in the tail.

Good the first thing I thought was Cloudbase, however, the first thing that I noticed was the direct reference (without naming it) to the SEP field, ie you don't really notice something. Its the same in Torchwood for the entrance.
Not tooo sure if Douglas Adams would be honoured by the use of his idea or cheesed that they hadn't thought of some thing else, we will never know.

Given that he recycled the never-finshed Tom Baker story Shada (cancelled due to industrial action) as Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, he probably wouldn't have too much to complain about.

Another invasion of creatures from another dimension

Judging by past experience, they're going to turn out to be Daleks, escaping from the Void.

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