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Doctor Who
sonic screwdriver

That was rather good. Quite a bit better than I'd expected, in fact.

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The second half was fab (after a slightly shaky start).

Radio Times described it as a 'clunker' so I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much.

I'm trying really hard not to find out what happens next...

Whatever happens next, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to believe in a Master without a little beard :) Or, more to the point, believe that he's not a very nice policeman called Sam. Wossname had better be one hell of a actor...

John Simms may not be Roger Delgado, but at least he's not Eric Roberts.

As well as the missing goatee, I can't help feeling his hair's brushed the wrong way too (forward, not back).

(There was an ace bit in Doctor Who Confidential where John Simm shows his Who-mad son around the set. Alas, my own workplace is nowhere near so cool.)

As I said in my lj entry, Sam, Police Box, a different time but no Gene Genie.

John Simms, I think he is going to be excellent. I think he is going to bring an element of 'Well I know he's a bad guy but witty :)" element to it, and thus potentially more evil and seductive. I think an excellent foil :)

"There's no place like Hyde"
"There's no place like Hyde"
"There's no..."

I too am torn. I don't know anything about former occurrences of 'The Master' in Dr Who so I can wait and let it all unfold as to who/what he is and what is going on next week or I could google and get some context and read spoilers. I am resisting the latter so far as it will be nice to let it unfold...

I envy you knowing nothing about the Master - the last ten minutes must have seemed even more bizarre than normal!

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