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Sumer is i-cumin in...

...and I've no option but to suspend my contributions to Folding@Home; my office temperature this morning was 35°C, and that was with the blind drawn and the window open.

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Hmm, the petty problems we have been having with the temperature peaking at 32 over the weekend when the AC is off seem rather trivial by comparison.

My dual-core machine was running with the fans full on all the time - must have been putting out the best part of 150W of heat into the room.

Which is not that much compared with the heat being put out by you. The two monitors on my desk are rated at 1kW between them and kick out an awesome quantity of heat. I think the only thing that saves us is that we are packed in much less densely than I remember the new ECS building being.

The Green Party put forward a soberingly sound argument that software upgrades in general (And Vista in particular.) were environmentally damaging, oweing to the mass of functional hardware that gets junked because "It isn't fast enough.".

Your post makes me wonder what the energy costs of such upgrades are.

In turn that raises the question of how many corporate resources are donated to @home projects by sysadmins each year.

And finally how much would you have to spend running RC5DES to expect to win a prize?

Aren't there health and safety rules about offices being too hot ?

No, they only state a minimum temperature.

Poor you. And the machines. But you mostly.

i've heard say that the number has been removed (recently), and it's now a waffly sentence.

Should have got a thermal reading from the machine and seen if you could have topped panther (the little black fire hazard on my desk) at hot or not. ;)

For Mac, iStat Pro works really nice as gkrellm-alike. And it lives on the Dashboard, to it's easy to drag it out and push it aside again.

Too hot, anything over the mid 20's is too warm.

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