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Which side are you on?

Only thirteen years after Lindsay Anderson's death, If.... has finally been released on DVD.

Perhaps they'll also release O Lucky Man!? We can but hope.

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I have both on much-watched VHS, but they really do cry out for DVD don't they?

I have a DVD of O Lucky Man! from the airing that Sky gave it a few months back, so I'm partially satisfied, but I'd prefer to have a 'real' copy.

I can only assume that the US studio with the rights to If.... (Paramount, presumably) got cold feet over distributing a film about armed insurrection in a school after the Columbine shootings.

That may count as one of the fastest "being told about"-to-"buying" transitions of all time for me :) My bank manager curses you and your Amazon links, and Amazon and their one-click buying "technology".

It was my fastest purchase ever. I'm justifying it by telling myself that I budgeted for it over a decade ago.

Brilliant! I don't think I've seen If... for about 4 years now, having lent my VHS copy to someone. More exercise for my credit card :)

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