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Ideas that I wish I'd had (#4827 in a series of many)

The Eurovision Song Contest reviewed by a five month-old baby

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It'd be funny, but I just enjoy looking at pictures of the garklet whatever he's doing.

[snork] Damn, should have taken photos of the facial expressions of everyone who was at mine, throughout! [grin]

The appalled look at Ireland is particularly good.

Mind you, that was cringeworthily bad, and I actually liked the song !

Ireland's entry was extremely lacklustre. Stereotypical, "modernised" folk music. The Ukraine's entry was certainly the best, followed closely by Georgia.

For the purposes of normalisation,

You also need a picture of the same five month old watching the episode of Doctor Who that Eurovision displaced.

Re: For the purposes of normalisation,

Alas, ours was in bed by the time that episode aired (though we do have it recorded, so he could still watch it). But yes, you need a control.

(Deleted comment)
I thought you said you weren't going to be working through your backlog of friends posts?

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