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(no subject)

Today we are mostly being very, very tired.

Generally busy weekend - Eurovision party on Saturday night, which involved a great deal of tidying. Gark Villa survived the attack of experimental subjects L and T rather better than last time, mostly thanks to the oilcloth on the table. The garklet seemed to enjoy the attention from them, even when he was being flattened by their boundless enthusiasm.

On the topic of the garklet, two important milestones were passed this weekend. Firstly, he cut his first tooth. Secondly, he ate (or at least gummed) his first solid food, being a carrot grabbed from ias's plate. I present the following two images as proof:

As you also may be able to tell from those photos, we don't currently have a cat.

Of course, the addition of the new tooth meant that his nibs woke about every hour last night, so all three of us are now feeling rather fragile...

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I love those captions. I'm amazed at how he's moved from cute newborn to little person like that !

What did you think of the show ?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Best of British! (or Russian or French, take your pick)

glad you survived the weekend. the girls didn't fall asleep til round about Winchester services. sorry we made a mess and didn't tidy up - we also liberated a fork but you can have it back soonish


No problem. L also appeared to have left her cloth book behind (the wobbly wizard, or some such), so we can do a swap.

As far as I know we didn't bring a cloth book with us.


Um, well, we have a cloth book titled "can you help wobbly wizard?", and it isn't ours. Given the absence of any other small children at ours over the weekend, Ockham's Razor would suggest that it belongs to one of your two.

Oh, I wondered where I left my copy of "Can you help wobbly wizard?"

The wobbly wizard himself is an excellent chap, certainly worthy of all our assistance, I'm certain that he'll soon be in excellent (if perhaps not always very clean) hands.

More seriously, I had a great time. Thanks for hosting.

If the drive home was anything to go by, it would appear that most of Southampton were out of it today.

Still, at least I know my horn still works.

Also, aww, look at the little lolbrarian.

I can't believe Ukraine didn't win!

What can I say - the Balkan block vote is bigger than the Northern Slavic block vote (especially given the controversy over anti-Russian lyrics in the Ukraine entry).

Me, I was bitter that France didn't do better than they did; an entire song in glorious Franglais, and costumes by J-P Gaultier.

Darling, look at the map and you'll see why voting goes the way it does !

Oh and Ukraine didn't deserve to win because it was crap !

Well, yes. There are enough countries in the Balkans that their aggregate votes effectively make them the kingmaker.

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