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Life on Mars

Gosh. Just "Gosh".

Now, does this mean that LoM is or isn't SF? I'm confused!

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It means whoever wrote that ending was a bloody soppy git. It was just wrong !

Any fule knows that the real ending was where he woke up in hospital and a ~50 year old Annie greets him with a smile and they waltz off into the sunset. Gene having died of liver failure after a spectacular career, Ray gone down in the line of duty and Chris is a leader amongst police who remembers Sam with a secret wink.

Thank you, my thoughts exactly.

This society just isn't up for gerontophilia :->

It doesn't have a problem with younger women and older men....

Nah, she'll be a good looking 50 year old and he looks in his 40's at least anyway. It'll work, trust me.

She'd be closer to 60 than 50.

It never could have been simple time travel, not with newsprint metamorphosing and stuff. So you either go with The Matrix-style shenanigans, or accept it as a fantasy in the tradition of Star Maker; John Carter, Warlord of Mars; Out of the Silent Planet; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe; The Wizard of Oz; and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. In many of those fantasies, the frame is preserved to leave you wondering whether it was all a dream. This one leaves you wondering which was the dream.

This one leaves you wondering which was the dream.

Well put.

I started off thinking of Buffy "Normal Again" but have now begun to wonder if the nearer antecedent was the end of Brazil. Which is even sadder (and more apropos to the explicit mention of torture - here the land of fled to dream IS the land of torture).

I'm thinking that the ending has more in common with Brazil, with 1973 being switched off once he does die.

You clearly never saw the Back to the Future trilogy. ;)

As I mentioned on someone else's LJ (which I mention here in case someone is reading all of my posts on other people's journals and then catching me out - "hey! He's repeating himself!" - the ending (and the show) seemed not unlike 'The Prisoner' to me. I like the ambiguity and although it might have been a bit grim, it was a satisfying conclusion.

I wasn't totally convinced. But the main characters seemed happy with the outcome, and that counts for something.

Reminds me of the strapline of the Liverpool Uni Sci-Fi Soc: "Who needs reality anyway?"

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