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A checklist
frowny alex
  • Restlessness, irritability and disturbed sleep patterns? Check.
  • Sore, red gums? Not clear.
  • Flushed cheeks? Check.
  • Loss of appetite? If by that you mean lots of little feeds rather than substantial big feeds, then yes.
  • A slight rise in temperature (but not above 39°C, which indicates a fever)? Check.
  • Dribbling (which may cause a rash or sore, chapped skin on the chin)? Check.
  • A sudden desire to chew anything they can lay their hands on? Check.
  • An urge to bite? Judging by the gum marks on ias's arm this morning, yes.

Either the garklet is turning into a vampire, or he's starting to teethe. He's not shown any sensitivity to either garlic or sunlight, so I assume that the latter is more likely to be the case.


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(Deleted comment)
Indirectly - he should be getting it via ias and her lactatory efforts.

Has he shown any tendency to roost on the ceiling?

That should settle the question.

That's a better indicator, neither garlic nor sunlight are reliable indicators in today's world.

the hatter

p.s. your cat seems to have strong GSM signal in your icon

From my experience ... I say enjoy having him chew on your fingers, arm, leg, whatever while he's teething. Once those tiny, pointy teeth have come in it's waaaay less fun.

Although on the positive side it is a very vivid illustration of how to get much more pressure from the same force by reducing the area over which it's applied. Handy if you're the sort of person who finds musing on p = F/A useful for distracting yourself from surprisingly serious pain.

The sucking and chewing on anything that comes within range is rather lovely, I must say, but not as endearing as the way that he fixates and just falls on the intended subject of his sucking (which in turn is not as endearing as the the way in which, when particularly satisfied with his lot in life, he tries to gurgle at ias with a mouthful of nipple - that's just hilarious).

On the other hand, he left ias with lovebites on her upper arm this morning, despite having made it quite clear that he wasn't hungry and wasn't interested in milk, just the sucking.

What a lovely picture of the little bloke!

Thanks! There are a bunch more of Cheery!Alex here.

Smiley baby! Excellent pics.

Great photos, can't believe how much he's changed since we saw you all at Christmas;-)

(Deleted comment)

Look, is there something I should know here?

If my supervisor is into unleashing occult powers, I could at least make that an angle of my PhD. We all know that the Semantic Web is evil anyway.

Re: Look, is there something I should know here?

Which reminds me, I must start trying to persuade my students to babysit for us; the garklet needs to be fed.

Yessss. Fed.

get the teething granules form the chemist and maybe some bickypegs and satnd back and wait for the nappies from HELL.

all the dribbling concentrates the other end you see


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