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To theno23

Dude, how does it feel to have chosen the title of a Jim Carrey film as your LJ username?

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Oh, I completely missed that consequence. I'd been thinking "That's so lame, why not just call the movie Fnord and then pretend you didn't know it was a reference?". But having people writing to Steve and saying, "Hey, so you really liked that movie too huh? Isn't Jim Carrey just awesome?" almost makes up for it.

Note to self, before Halloween
• Make raincoat look even more disreputable
• Sentence fragments.
• Buy black and white fabric, stitch into full-face mask
That movie is now apparently inevitable, so as with V for Vendetta I should try to beat the crowds.

I was kind of hoping it was going to be Illuminatus The Movie (much like Lord of the Rings it would make a better movie than book), but I guess discordia the movie is the best we could hope for.

I'm kinda used the the embarrassing username thing, I got the piss taken extensively on certain lists for my email address being swh93@ecs. Despite the fact that it was dished out by ECS.

I've seen random advertising shonk for that.

I'm also a Discordian. I'm hoping I'm not about to find out what it's like to be an autistic person after the general public sees a film/CSI episode about how autistic people can't form whole sentences but are all actually secret lateral-thinking geniuses. (Apparently, the strongest authority for information distribution we have these days is synchronised animation and sound which has been made for financial gain.)

You can't break the terrible affliction of greyface if people expect the turkey curse.

Re: I've seen random advertising shonk for that.

I'm not a discordian BTW.

Yeah, it's not ideal. Will try to take the moral highground. Saw the trailer the other day.

I would say I hope it doesn't suck too much, but that would be silly.

Remembered: I saw the trailer for the no. 23 when I was watching Hot Fuzz, just incase you haven't seen it, you really should.

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