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Gillian McKeith: Menace to Science

Ben Goldacre outdoes himself in today's Guardian. Worth reading by anyone who's sick of televised pseudo-science.

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I posted a similar link a minute ago before reading my friends pages just now - having read article while sharing a couch with a 3 year old riddled with chickenpox.

It's a bloody good article. His regular digs at her have been incredibly entertaining; this collation (and the cabbie story in particular) tops them all.

After the admiration, the criticism. I did think the cabbie story was structurally out of place in this on-line version (is it in a side-bar in the print Guardian?)

The actual article should end with the words "Gillian McKeith has nothing to contribute: and Channel 4, which bent over backwards to dress her up in the cloak of scientific authority, should be ashamed of itself."

Yes, the cabbie piece is in a boxed feature in the main article.

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